Dead On: A True Crime Podcast

Project Scope and Specs

Two best friends, separated by oceans, explore the dirty underbelly of society. From the utterly depraved to the completely unexplained, we’re diving into the stories that creep into your mind and hide under your bed.

Podcast Genre

True Crime | Comedy

Notable Awards
  • Rated five stars on Apple Podcasts
  • Ranked globally in the top 10% of podcasts



Explore the morbid and macabre

For the brand and visual experience, I wanted to capture the spine-tingling feeling of walking through the forest on a moonlit night.

Hosts Emily and Elisha are your guides, escorting you through the dark, morbid, and macabre.

Digital Strategy

Build a loyal audience

Attract Listeners

Help feverish true crime fans find our podcast.

Build Credibility

Convince them to listen with enticing, FOMO-inducing web experiences.

Foster Loyalty

Provide consistently excellent content that keeps them coming back for more.

Motivate Them

Encourage them to tell their friends about their new favourite podcast.


Let the people pick the cases

Would I even be a digital marketer if I didn’t research which cases our audience actually wants to hear? When I pick a case to cover, I check the amount of web traffic it receives. And how the case trends over time.

Every one of our episodes is accompanied by an Episode Discovery File. This web page makes it easy to listen by linking to the major streaming platforms. And helps listeners feel engaged and connected to the case.

Project Wins

Impressions: 2,500 +133%
Unique Visitors from Search: 127 +22%
Average CTR: 1%

Facebook Ads

Attract true crime fans to our new podcast

Our mission was to build a motivated audience from scratch. In order to attract new listeners, we ran Facebook Ads in the weeks leading up to the podcast launch.

Virtual experience ads provide a unique opportunity to explore the brand. A delicious foreshadowing of the coming launch.

Our ad campaign received a 6.87% click through rate, a stunning result when compared to the overall industry average of 0.9%.

Project Wins

CTR: 6.87% | Industry Average: 0.90%
CPC: $0.16 | Industry Average: $1.72

Social Strategy

Create a vibrant community

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that true crime fans love discussing cases with fellow amateur detectives.

Establishing an engaged online community is a make or break endeavour for true crime podcasts.

Our social channels reach these citizen detectives where they’re hanging out. And make them double take so hard it gives them whiplash.

Social Management

Spread the word like wildfire

There’s nothing armchair detectives love more than engaging with online true crime communities.

We’ve worked hard to build a community that encourages discussion and engagement. And, of course, attracts listeners.

Project Wins

Web Traffic from Social Media: 50.78%